Last month we headed out for a week long camping road trip in California, and with all camping trips one of the most important things to plan are the meals. We tried to figure out what would be our best game plan after landing in Palm Springs. Do we find a Walmart and buy supplies when we arrive? Do we head to the grocery store? Do we buy a cooler to keep things fresh? And then while browsing the MEC website we found our answer…Alpineaire’s 7 Day Meal Kit.

I know its the stock image online, I was too excited when I received the box and forgot to take a picture.

I know its the stock image online, I was too excited when I received the box and forgot to take a picture.


To be quite fair, I didn’t know the brand even existed, I had heard of Backpackers Pantry and other brands but Alpineaire never really stood out to me in any way. Once I found the meal kit however, I noticed them everywhere. I did a little research on their meal kits and it seemed like a good enough option for the trip. We decided with getting the 7 Day Vegetarian Meal Box, which included 14 packs of dehydrated meals. I have to say, 14 “two serving” meals for almost $100 Canadian, seemed like a fantastic deal. The company also offers a non-vegetarian and gluten-free 7 day box, a 5 day box and 3 day box options as well, all at a very fair price point.


How how did our box of dehydrated vegetarian meals taste? Actually, really good! I’ve had several different types of meal bags before, some were good, some were bad, some were definitely not my favourite. That being said, although during the trip we didn’t eat all 14 of the meal packs since while being in Cali, there were many opportunities to eat at delicious restaurants, but we had eaten about half the box.

My top pick - forever Young mac and cheese

I have always loved a good mac and cheese, and I must say that the Forever Young Mac and Cheese was delicious. The two serving pack comes at a whopping 800 calories and an insane 38 grams of protein per pack. This is fore sure the perfect meal for an activity intensive day! Its nice and cheesy, with peas, carrots and corn, I found that it definitely hit the spot. Of course it is available individually, but seeing as my Meal Kit came with 2, I was very happy eating it for two meals!

Fun Second - Creamy Potato Cheddar Soup

I really did not expect that I would say a soup would be my second choice from the meal kit, but I was pleasantly surprised with the Creamy Potato Cheddar Soup. The name doesn’t lie, it is definitely a creamy potato cheese soup, but it hits the mark after a cold or rainy day! More of a side dish than a meal though, coming in at 360 calories, this soup is also gluten free and packs 16g of protein. I would for sure pack this soup again for my next trip.

bottom line

Alpineaire’s meal box concept is quite brilliant. However, I have noticed some descrepencies in the posted supplied meal lists on various sites and what came in the box. I ended up with a few double meals even though they weren’t supposed to be doubled. If you you like the taste of the meal packs this shouldn’t be a problem for you, but if you have your heart set on exactly two of what is listed be prepared for a change in the menu. Now realistically nobody will be eating dehydrated meals everyday, but when it is necessary or the adventure calls for it, this is meal kit or any of Alpineaire’s other boxes are really some of the best bangs for you buck!